IoT is a great
game changer.

Explore your company’s
hidden potentials!

Everything will be changed by sensors and analytics.
Get the insights you need to improve your business.


Technological developments drive the constant need for new digital services. Used properly, smart technology saves resources and improves results in every imaginable shape, form and sense.

IOTIX contributes to identify business potentials and generates values through real-time data collection and analytics from sensors.

The acquired insights enable companies to exploit their hidden potentials for development and optimization of processes, products and services.


IOTIX’ ambition is to ensure that our customer’s IoT challenges and opportunities are resolved in the best technical, commercial and strategic manner.

Our consistent focus on user-friendly, scalable and secure IoT solutions is refined through our powerful Cross IoT Platform, the core of our solutions.

IOTIX’ value chain and technology can be implemented and utilized in all industries and businesses.


We firmly believe new technologies will make life better for all of us – as individuals and as a society.

IOTIX develops innovative and sustainable IoT solutions for many verticals, so far focusing on the main areas Building, Industry and Safety.

We deliver unique solutions to improve daily tasks and operational processes – beneficial to our clients and to their customers. Security, quality and integrity are always at the core of what we create.

It all starts with sensors enabling unlimited potential of real-time data through our powerful Cross IoT Platform.

Get IoT as
a Service!

The core value of IoT is the vast potential for analysing to improve performance.

Plug & Play

Our user-friendly cross IoT platform empowers businesses to create new solutions and revenue streams with data collected from any device, through any connectivity, throughout any IT ecosystem.

The strong integration capabilities of the platform enable easy implementation of new sensors and devices as a hub to ERP and Scada systems as well as Azure and AWS.

The platform is user-friendly and super scalable – from only a few to an infinite number of sensors in Smart City management.


IoT as a Service

The IoT Platform can be licensed at any requested Service Level either as «Managed IoT Service» where customers leave the daily operational responsibility to IOTIX, or as «Platform as a Service» with full software access, where the client is responsible for the day-to-day management.

IoT Security

On all levels of our IoT concept security is taken into close consideration for the best possible performance under local and international requirement for public and private governance. .

Vertical Insights

In order to implement well performing solutions creating value for our clients, we keep developing our own industrial expertise to understand the business value models within the diverse market verticals.

We enjoy being insightful partners focusing on the three verticals Building, Industry and Safety of which IOTIX has developed innovative IoT solutions.

Our products and services may be implemented in all businesses bringing new insights and improved performances to life.


IoT gir ny info til eksisterende systemer

– Trådløse sensorer gir i dag svar på det meste en byggforvalter ønsker å følge med på. Utfordringen er at forskjellige sensorer fordrer ulike plattformer, og det kan bli mange systemer å forholde seg til.

Nye vannmålere gir bedre kommunal innsikt og service!

Smarte vannmålere skaper nye og verdifulle mulighetsrom innen kommunale tjenester – på tvers av fagfeltene.

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